DEEPSMART° Clean Air Solution

Clean air, healthy home
The whole house will be comfortable

About 80% of a person's life is spent indoors. Therefore, the quality of the indoor environment directly affects human health. Wake up fresh and breathe healthy! Change, start from the air.To improve indoor air quality through the overall home monitoring, filtering and humidification solutions, DEEPSMART° gives you a breathing space with wisdom and circulation.Let DEEPSMART° help you diagnose and effectively solve air problems. What we bring is fresh air, not temporary surface comfort.

Good air, feel comfortable

When the temperature and humidity exceed the preset range, the intelligent linkage air conditioner and fresh air system will adjust the indoor air.Make the indoor air reach the right temperature to make you feel more comfortable.

Energy saving and environmental protection

When the temperature of each room in the room has reached the preset value or you are not at home, the thermostat will adjust the temperature to make the air conditioner and floor heating in energy-saving mode to help you save money.When the air is poor, start the fresh air, and close the fresh air when the air quality is good. Avoid long-term activation of fresh air, air conditioning, and floor heating systems to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

Remove odor and clean the air

When pets, cooking or other strong smells fill your house, you want to try to cover them up. Aromatherapy and air fresheners can only temporarily cover up the odors, but cannot completely solve them.Use the DEEPSMART° fresh air intelligent control system to freely turn on the odor-absorbing air purification system to control the odor of the whole family. When the air passes through this fresh air system,It can remove mold, germs and peculiar smell, which is beneficial to extend the service life of buildings and furniture

Anytime, anywhere, intelligent control

Through the DEEPSMART° mobile phone APP, just move your finger to remotely turn on or turn off the fresh air and HVAC system,
Maintain suitable air at all times to make the living environment more comfortable.

Contact DEEPSMART° to explore how to intelligently link the fresh air system to introduce fresh outdoor air into your house,Improve the air quality at home while connecting to the smart home system of the whole house.

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