A wireless WIFI series

We continue to explore and develop new products, leading the transformation and upgrading of the HVAC industry

DEEPSMART° provides the most flexible intelligent control solution-it can control both multi-connected VRV and heating system, or even combine the two controls into one

Easy to install and upgrade It's hard to imagine。

Remote fault diagnosis to help customers quickly,Quickly solve problems and improve service efficiency

Sending intelligent information , Create a new experience of comfortable life

A smart hardware that controls all central air conditioners

A smart hardware that controls all central air conditioners
For example: Daikin, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, GREE, Midea, Samsung, LG, Hisense, etc.
And could expand to two-in-one supply, water machine system.

Looks the same, but there is a big difference

WiFi smart thermostat , could combine air conditioning and floor heating into one,
Directly replace the original temperature control, no need to re-wiring, easily replace with one-piece decorative switch, reshape the wall aesthetics

Mobile phone remote control, enjoy the comfort at home

On the way off work, you can remotely control the central air conditioner with one key through DEEPSMART° APP, without waiting when you get home.
Enjoy immediate comfort.

AI voice black technology, let the air conditioner understand your voice

Support Homekit, Tmall Elf, Rokid, Xiaodu at home, etc. voice control;Anytime, anywhere, The air conditioner in each room can be precisely controlled through instructions.

The latest GEO technology reduces energy consumption costs for customers

The real value of DEEPSMART° lies in the AutoAway/AutoHome function of its geographic location. When the last person left home,the system can recognize it and automatically adjust to energy-saving mode or turn it off. As long as someone gets home, DEEPSMART° can automatically switch the HVAC equipment to the normal working mode to obtain the best user experience for users.

Smart timing

DEEPSMART° supports 7X24 hours cyclic timing programming, you can set several programmable modes to meet your lifestyle.

Intelligent linkage

The sensor collects the indoor PM2.5 value in real time. When the value exceeds the range, the air conditioner can be linked to activate the PM2.5 removal function to ensure the clarity of indoor air. Human body induction can not detect the presence of human body for a long time, and it can automatically adjust to energy saving mode or turn off the air conditioner.

Auto update

DEEPSMART° will automatically update the firmware and APP so that you can enjoy the latest features and software updates.

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