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Our advantage

Our company has successively won the titles of National High-tech Enterprise, Software Enterprise, Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Small and Medium-sized Technology Enterprise, etc.


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KNX full range of solution providers, with great competitive advantages, leading the development of the times


APP advantage

Comfortable user-experience-level interactive page, two-in-one debugging and intelligent control


Branded advantages

Stable operating system / international KNX standard / open ecosystem / carrier-grade cloudservices / rich industry solutions / professional customized services / leading user experience / excellent design


Technical advantages

Adhering to KNX technology, simplifying wiring and installation and debugging, ordinary electricians can enter the smart home industry, combining AI, artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G together.


Channel advantage

Tailor sales policies and incentive policies according to different market positioning of partners


Training advantage

Regular training courses are held to provide in-depth training on products, technology, sales, marketing, and case studies for partners


Service advantage

7*24 customer service, professional technical support and customer service team, provide intelligent solution design, remote technical guidance, project site installation and commissioning and other online and offline full customer service support.


Price protection

Through the formulation of market anti-sweeping system, project reporting system, regional authorized sales and other policies, strictly implement the national unified retail price, and spare no effort to protect the partner market.

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