DEEPSMART° Smart temperature solution

Enjoy the perfect room temperature moment

The DEEPSMART° intelligent temperature solution is responsible for your comfort at home and makes HVAC equipment truly smart.
Adjust according to your needs and help you save energy and enjoy the perfect room temperature moment by self-management in the busy work schedule.
The perfect comfortable temperature that lasts all day, the smart thermostat paired with the sensor can adapt to your lifestyle and adjust the temperature accordingly.

  • Zone control
  • Intelligent timing setting
Zone control

Connecting to the DEEPSMART° smart thermostat, sub-zone control can help the entire family to obtain a uniform temperature, thereby creating a comfortable zone and helping to reduce energy consumption. Through DEEPSMART°, the temperature of the entire house or a single room can be easily controlled. Let us help you find a suitable temperature control system for your home and provide a professionally installed temperature control system.

Intelligent timing setting

Let the DEEPSMART° smart thermostat help you make a schedule, which not only saves money, but also makes you feel more comfortable by ensuring the right temperature at the right time and enjoy a pleasant climate at home at any time.

High efficiency and energy saving

When the temperature of each room in the room has reached the preset value, the air conditioner and floor heating will automatically stop running; when it deviates from the preset value, the air conditioner and floor heating will automatically turn on.
Whether it's cold winter or summer like a heat wave, smart allows your home to face the nature and still maintain a constant temperature and comfort.

When the temperature drops sharply or the sun goes up, your home’s HVAC appliances will move forward at full speed to keep everyone comfortable. The connected thermostat can help optimize the house temperature at an appropriate time according to the weather, house characteristics and peak demand. Let DEEPSMART° install a thermostat to help you save energy and money during peak hours.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking into a house that is too hot or too cold. Your system understands your needs and adjusts accordingly. In this way, your house can always maintain the ideal temperature, and when you are away, the house runs more efficiently. This is energy saving, without any lifestyle changes.

  • 01-Induction interconnection
  • 02-Induction interconnection
  • 03-Induction interconnection
Induction interconnection,a thermostat tailored for you:

The DEEPSMART° smart thermostat is connected to your mobile phone and can adjust the temperature according to your location. When you are at home or within a preset range, the thermostat will keep your house at a comfortable temperature you like. When you and your family are away, the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature to help you save money.

Feel zero temperature difference, enjoy comfort and warmth:

The hot water preheating circulation system can preheat the cold water in the hot water pipe in advance, so that you can enjoy warm and comfortable hot water in an instant, and you will be far away from waiting. While being comfortable and convenient, it can also save water resources.

Adjust freely anytime, anywhere:

No matter where you are, you can control everything from your APP to help manage and monitor the heating and cooling usage of the entire house. Even if you go out, you can maintain a good temperature environment at home. You can also pre-adjust the temperature at home through the mobile app before going home, so that you will be comfortable when you get home.

Contact DEEPSMART° to show you how to save energy by installing a smart thermostat,Explore how to simply control the temperature of the entire house.Let us help you find a suitable temperature control system for your home.

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