DEEPSMART° Smart Security Solution

Play a new chapter of smart and safe life for you
Play a new chapter of smart and safe life for you

The DEEPSMART° intelligent security solution will escort you, ensure the safety of your home, and play a new chapter in your smart and safe life.

Master all the dynamics at home

Remotely check anytime, anywhere, at a glance at home. No matter where you are, you can bring home with you together.

Stop suspicious people from breaking into your home

Once an abnormal intrusion is detected, the APP will immediately send you an alarm message and automatically turn on the lights to help protect your house.

Protect the health of parents and family

The heart rate intelligent radar detector for the elderly can be monitored in real time at 7X24 in the house. Once abnormal, the APP will be pushed to the children's mobile phones as soon as possible. Provide a healthy, comfortable and safe home of wisdom for the elderly.

Take precautions
Gas detection

When a gas leak occurs, the system will automatically close the safety valve, making the kitchen smarter and making the family more at ease.

Smoke detection

When the concentration of smoke detected at home exceeds the national standard, the smoke detector will automatically alarm to remind you and your family in time to prevent the spread of danger.

Leak detection

Water leak detector to prevent potential "flooding". Every sudden accident in every corner can be alerted in time, and the APP pushes in real time, flexibly respond to water leakage and avoid greater losses.

Check the situation at home anytime, anywhere

Synchronized real-time security system, remote monitoring, so that your house is always locked, and use mobile devices to control anytime, anywhere. All devices work together to create a complete home system, so that you can maintain peace of mind, safety and comfort both inside and outside the house within the same APP.

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