Diverse scenes, pattern control, more than lighting

The DEEPSMART° light solution is not only the switch control of the light, but also you can set the scene mode according to your own needs, talk to the wall panel, and bring you a comfortable and relaxed life

Smart APP is on the verge of launching, life romance is only at your fingertips

You only need to touch the mobile APP with your finger, your life will be switched immediately, and the romantic life will be at your fingertips. Gently slide your finger on the interface to adjust the brightness and color temperature, and easily simulate the change of light in a day.

With voice control, the lights and curtains at home will be activated immediately

Ruoqi, Xiaodu, and SIRI multiple voice control linkages, freeing your hands and "wake up" the entire house. Colorful light strips,"call" color for yourself with sound, and discover new joys in life.

Smart panel one-key control, easily control the light of the whole house

One-key control of lights, curtains and scene panels, intelligent linkage, sit back and enjoy the results, various scenes move as you like

Light color temperature, switch as you like

Two-way adjustment of warm and cold colors makes the house instantly hot and enthusiastic or comfortable and cool

Colorful and romantic atmosphere

Connect Philips HUE to the DEEPSMART° smart home system, turn on the SIRI voice and APP intelligently control the house lighting, thousands of colors, move with your heart, unlimited scenes, and create a magic home

Remote control, intelligent shading

In the hot summer, you can close the curtains remotely when you are not at home, so that your furniture will not be exposed to the sun.

  • Wake up mode
  • Leave home mode
  • Come back mode
  • Dining mode
  • Movie mode
  • Reception mode
  • Sleeping mode
  • Night up mode
Wake up mode

At the set time, the "wake up mode" is activated, the bedroom curtains are slowly opened, and the soft outdoor sunlight enters the room, reminding you that it is time to wake up, and the warm sunlight wakes up a wonderful day. If the weather is bad, the light will automatically turn on to fill in the lighting.

Leave home mode

When you leave home, leave home with one click, turn off all the lights, curtains,
and air conditioners in your home, or adjust the floor heating to energy-saving mode to save home energy consumption and relieve your worries.

Come back mode

When you get home, press the home button, the hallway, aisle, and living room lights will automatically turn on,
and the curtains will slowly open, allowing you to instantly wipe away your fatigue and worries and feel the warmth of home.

Dining mode

When having dinner with your family, one-click "dining mode", the lights in the living room and bedroom are automatically turned off,
and the background lights of the restaurant are automatically turned on and adjusted to the appropriate color temperature and brightness, allowing you and your family to have a warm meal in a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Movie mode

If you want to enjoy blockbuster movies at home, you can activate the "Cinema Mode" with one button,
the lights will automatically dim, and the curtains will be closed. You can easily create a theater scene atmosphere without leaving home.

Reception mode

When a guest comes, the meeting scene is activated, the main light in the living room is turned on,
When a guest comes, the meeting scene is activated, the main light in the living room is turned on,

Sleeping mode

When it's time to go to bed, just say "I'm going to bed" and the "sleep mode" is automatically activated. At this time,
the lights at home are turned off one by one, and the curtains are automatically pulled up slowly, so that you can fall asleep at ease.

Night up mode

When you wake up at night, when your feet fall to the ground, the floor lamp will automatically light up,
and the lights in the bathroom and corridor will also slowly turn on; when you return to bed, the lights will automatically dim and go out, allowing you to continue to enjoy a comfortable sleep

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